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5S Starter Kit

5S Starter Kit
5S Starter Kit
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Product Description

The GBMP 5S Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin your 5S program, and some things you'll use for a long time to come. Once you have the kit, getting people engaged in 5S will be a snap because you'll have what you need on hand. The kit includes:

1 - Brother P Touch Label Printer & 1 roll of label tape; 1 - Red Tag Area sign; 1 - CD ROM with a reusable 5S audit form and monthly 5S scorecard. Other forms in the kit include "5S Visual Guidelines" and "5S Best Practices".

You also get: 16 Mighty line angles and 6 Mighty line pairs of feet; 5 rolls of 2" vinyl tape (in yellow, red, green, blue and striped); 4 rolls of 1" tape (in white, black, green and blue); 3 sheets of gauge labels for your TPM efforts; 100 red tags; 1 magnetic clipboard, 1 roll of shadow tape, a tool foam kit sample (6x9); the invaluable "5S Pocket Guide" and lastly five 5S pens and five 7 Wastes pens.

Wow! That's a lot of stuff!