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A Day With The Toast Guy (Limited Opportunity)

A Day With The Toast Guy (Limited Opportunity)
A Day With The Toast Guy (Limited Opportunity)
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Product Description

You’ve seen Toast Kaizen, the world’s best selling Lean video, and you’ve witnessed its captivating impact on your employees. From factory floors to sales showrooms to banks and hospitals to municipal services and national defense contractors, customers rave about the instant connection employees make between Bruce Hamilton’s difficulties making a slice of toast and their own daily job challenges.

In just 30 minutes, the DVD opens eyes to the many opportunities for work improvement that we can achieve just by learning to look in the right places. As the "Toast Guy", Bruce Hamilton notes, “Continuous improvement is not about the work; it’s about getting rid of the things that get in the way of our work.” Bruce challenges viewers to take the simple but powerful lessons from “Toast” immediately back to their workplaces – and they do! Toast Kaizen has become an essential tool for every change manager; employees rally around “Toast” as metaphor for their own problems and more importantly for the improvements they make to remove those problems.

Now there is a limited opportunity to bring the Toast Guy direct to your workplace for a tour of your organization and a meeting with your employees. Two-time Shingo Prize winner, Bruce Hamilton has been a hands-on lean practitioner for 25 years. A member of the esteemed Shingo Prize Academy and twenty-year examiner with the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, Bruce will walk your floor with you, meet with your management and your team members to answer questions, and provide new inspiration to your lean implementation. And he’ll leave you with concrete recommendations to achieve your next level of improvement.

You’ve energized your site with Toast Kaizen. Now super-charge that energy with observation, reflection and direction from the Toast Guy himself!

Call GBMP today at 617-287-7630 or email us at to schedule your "Day with the Toast Guy"!

(Cost does not include travel expenses.)

Amazon Review for the Toast Kaizen DVD:

4 Stars: Best Lean DVD Training Series Ever! (11/09/2009)

"The GBMP DVD training series is a great way to help your company learn about Lean. The plant tours help people visualize what Lean looks like in companies that do it well. The Toast DVD drives right to the heart of lean by explaining the 7 wastes and teaching how to look for them and eliminate them. Bruce Hamiliton and his team hit on all the things that get in the way of a successful Lean transformation. The DVD's are just the right length of time, there's music, and they are very entertaining. They are not snoozers like a lot of training videos. The videos are a great way to introduce the Lean topics and get feedback, ideas, and engagement from employees. The common theme, "Everybody, Everyday" has become our mission."